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Professional Video Production Company in Baton Rouge with Extensive Visual Storytelling Experience




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Professional Video Production Company in Baton Rouge with Extensive Visual Storytelling Experience

Individuals and corporations are producing creative videos to express themselves. With the right videos, they can attract and capture the attention of their audience and drive the message that they want to communicate.
Media Furrate helps you capture the eye of your market and deliver the right message. Jason Furrate, a self-employed producer and director in Baton Rouge, has more than 40 years of experience in producing award-winning videos in a broad range of genres. He works every day to deliver video production services that effectively tell your story to the right audience.


Producing Imagery that Communicates Your Message

Our professional video production company makes videos to help you create meaningful impact for your audience. A few of the videos we produce include television commercials, social media spot ads, and customer testimonial videos.
We’re also a corporate video production company that creates videos for businesses of all sizes. We produce industrial and company videos, such as safety videos, corporate history videos, and documentation of special events.
Apart from producing moving images, we offer these other services:

Photography services

We do more than just taking beautiful pictures. Our company produces stunning visuals to tell your brand story. Our photo services include:

  • Professional Corporate Headshots
  • Product Shoots
  • Event Photography

Drone Services

Get the dramatic and breathtaking aerial photos or videos you need with the help of a certified drone pilot. We obtain the best shots by operating a state-of-the-art, 4K camera-equipped aircraft, shooting at the right time, and carefully configuring the direction, speed, and height of the drone.

Why Team Up with Media Furrate

We’re known for producing cost-effective photography and videos for businesses and individuals. We’ll work with the budget you have and find a creative and effective way to convey your story to your audience.

Let’s get started on creating a visual experience that showcases the best of your brand.

Email or call 225-317-4233 to arrange a free consultation of your video marketing needs.


We produce photos and videos for corporate marketing teams, PR firms, and ad agencies. We also work with individuals and small business owners who don’t have the time or skill to make these types of content. Watch our videos to learn more about what we do for our clients.

View A Television

Jason Furrate has over 40 years’ experience in creating award-winning videos in every genre. His corporate career included Commercial Production, News, Sports, Documentaries, Music Videos, Industrial and Feature Films. Now, as a self-employed Producer, he works 7 days a week to make videos for people just like you.

check out a few of our drone shots

What makes us different is the fact that Jason is a prolific writer in conjunction with his skills behind the camera. He can create a project turnkey, or he can provide the exact services required… Locations, Casting, Producing, Lighting, Shooting, or Editing. Jason is a go-to resource for your projects.

Shots We Enjoyed Shooting

Video and Photos Made Easy for the Small Business
Owner. You know you need a video for your website, some social media spots, and a new headshot. But you are busy running the operations of your company. Jason can create what you need within the budget that you have. Text to make a time for a free phone discussion of your business marketing needs.


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