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Producing an effective video starts long before you unpack a camera. It begins with a conversation. What is your message and what is the most effective way to deliver that message to the right audience?
As a marketing executive, Jason has conducted research in the form of phone surveys, focus groups and real-time audience testing. Jason has not only been a part of over 10,000 productions since 1978, he has been the writer on 99% of them. He’s developed a sense of what it takes to get a message across and how the brain reacts to the two-dimensional restrictions of watching something on a screen. When you hire Media Furrate, you are getting someone who can visualize a finished video and knows how to gather the elements for it efficiently.

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Why the LEAN Approach Works

Media Furrate produces videos using a modification of the LEAN manufacturing system. Simply put, the more people and steps involved in a process, the greater the chance of a hiccup and the higher the cost to create. Therefore, we keep our crew as small as possible. We can staff up, if the production calls for a large crowd or multi-camera operation, but we always keep costs as lean as possible.

Most of our work is on location and we love the adventure of it. However, Media Furrate has a small studio in Baton Rouge that can accommodate 1-2 people at a time. It has 4 screen options: green screen, white screen, black screen, and muted gray. We also have access to a medium sized studio in Gonzales and another in Larose. If a large studio is needed in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, or New Orleans, Media Furrate can rent them on an as needed basis.

Jason has done it all and can do whatever you need: digital content, television commercials, corporate videos, training videos, public relations, political ads, documentaries, and music videos.