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Federal Aviation Administration Certified Drone Pilot

Before the wide use of commercial drones, people who wanted an aerial photo or video had to hire a licensed pilot, rent a helicopter, and fly at a particular time. This process was both expensive and difficult to execute. You’d have to get a lot of work done, including registering your flight plans, meeting licensing requirements, and timing your flight perfectly.

With commercial drones conducting aerial videography and photography, you may obtain high-quality aerial shots at a price that won’t empty your wallet. If you need aerial photos or footage to promote your brand, sign up for Media Furrate’s drone videography services.

We have a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-licensed pilot experienced in video production. Our certified drone pilot captures the best video or photo for your business by selecting the right speed, height, and approach.

Advantages of Drone Videos and Photos

Here are the benefits of using a drone to capture still and moving images:

  • Inexpensive – Hiring a drone photographer to take a few landscape shots is easier and less costly than renting a helicopter.

  • Less Interference – Drones generate little noise. You can use these machines without worrying about disrupting an event.

  • Versatile – A drone photographer has total control over the aircraft. They can freely maneuver the drone to capture the perfect shot.

Who Needs Drone Videography?

Aerial shots and footage produced by drones are perfect for the following:

  • Property Owners – They can use wide-area aerial photos for marketing their property
  • Retail Businesses – Shop owners can use an aerial image of their store on promotional materials, such as brochures, leaflets, and newsletters.
  • Event Coordinators – Aerial photos and videos are a smart way to commemorate special outdoor events, such as weddings and rallies.

What Sets Us Apart over Other Aerial Photo and Video Service Providers

The aerial photography drone we use is a state-of-the-art 4K camera-equipped aircraft.
When we operate it, we make sure to adhere to the rules established by the FAA.

Another quality that gives us an edge is that we take the time to learn about your business.
Using our drones, we come up with a way to creatively tell your story.

Get cost-effective, fantastic aerial shots and footage for your project by working with us. Dial 225-317-4233 or email today to arrange a free consultation.

**Note** that if your site is in restricted airspace, waivers are required from the proper authorities.

Quality of Our Work

How We Help:

Media Furrate learns about your business and finds a creative way to tell your story.
You will look like the subject matter expert that you are in a professional presentation.

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