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LA-308 Assassination Redemption:
The Movie Showcasing Our Video Production Skills

Media Furrate’s founder, Jason Furrate, is a talented producer and director. He has more than four decades of experience in making award-winning videos. If you need videos communicating the story of your brand, he’s the go-to person for your video production projects.
Need more proof? Check out these videos on LA-308 Assassination Redemption:

Official Trailer: LA-308

LA-308 Assassin Redemption is a micro-budget feature film written, produced, and directed by Jason Furrate. It tells the story of Paul Matthews, an assassin recruited by military black ops for his lack of family and extraordinary marksman skills. When he comes to Cajun county to perform his last mission, things get complicated as he develops a close relationship with the family of his target. The main cast for this 111-minute film is:
  • Damon Lipari as Paul Matthews
  • Jerry Leggio as the Deacon
  • Lisa Wilde as Camille
  • Terry Serio as Miss Joyce

Assassin Redemption Story

damon lipari, jerry leggio, lisa wilde, terry serio

Making of LA-308 #1

This first “making of” video centers on shooting LA-308 Assassin Redemption in the marshes of Louisiana. A few of the things discussed were getting the marshland on the background, Jerry learning how to fly cast, and setting the tone for the film.

Shooting in the Louisiana Marsh

micro budget film production

Making of LA-308 #2

This second “making of” video provides a brief overview of the characters of LA-308 Assassin Redemption, namely Camille, the Deacon, Nacho, T-Joe, and Paul.

The Characters

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Making of LA-308 #3

The third and final “making of” video looks at the story of LA-308 Assassin Redemption. Film producer Toni Causey talks about what happens to Paul when he’s given an assignment without fully knowing the repercussions of his actions.

The Story

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