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Television Commercial Large Budget

Media Furrate was hired by a local marketing firm to help create this feel good spot for the Baton Rouge Clinic.  The custom jingle really sets this piece apart. Jason Furrate served as Producer, Drone Pilot, Talent & Location Acquisition, and performed the Lighting. All equipment used was from the Media Furrate mini-grip van.

Baton Rouge Clinic

Created With a Baton Rouge Marketing Firm

Television Spot Medium Budget

This commercial was shot in 2023 and is aimed at business owners who need Internet, TV, and Managed Phone service at their facilities.

REV Telecommunications

Tressy Leindecker

Website Video From Organic Interview

THIS VIDEO WAS UNSCRIPTED. The process used for this overview video is called a documentary style. Jason stands just to the side of the camera an makes eye contact. The questions are asked in a relaxed manner and the business owner just talks. The average interview time is 12-20 minutes to get all the material needed.

Baton Rouge Zoo

Moving a Tiger to Hawaii

Commercial Medium Budget

REV is an telecommunications provider serving South Louisiana.  This 30 second commercial is a testimonial from a doctor’s office that uses REV for Internet services .

REV Testimonial Spot

Made From A script

Social Media Spot

This spot was circulated to remind people in rural Louisiana that there was a vote coming up to approve a new Hospital for the area. The current facility is over 50 years old and in need of replacement

Acadia St. Landry Hospital

created with public relations firm

Commercial Medium Budget

This commercial was made to help recruit new faces for the Sheriff’s office. We used our drone, a telepromter and had a blast working with the deputies in every department to create this high energy production.  

St. John Sheriff's Office

Scripted and shot with a Telepromter

Event Video - Short Form

Award recipients are interviewed and a short video id edited from their comments. Supporting shots and historical photos are added to illustrate the story. Loretta is a life long music teacher whose students have gone on to fame in the music industry. She was honored for her contributions to music and the performing arts.

Loretta Mire-Andry

thibodeaux chamber of commerce

Event Video - Long Form

This format is the most time consuming for Media Furrate. In the long form, the recipients entire life is covered, making for a very long interview and editing session. Not to mention retouching historical photographs. However, the end result represents the most satisfying creative work for Jason Furrate. Jake Netterville is a class act and this video is one of the three dozen Hall of Fame vidoes we have done for the Business Report and Junior Achievement.

Jake Netterville

baton rouge business hall of fame

Political Advertisement

Jason Furrate is a registered Independent and creates ads for anyone seeking affordable messaging for their political campaign. He signs a confidentiality agreement and , of course, will not work for two people who are direct opponents in a political race.

Brandon Browning

created for and advertising agency

Commercial Scripted Medium Budget

 This concept came from Chris Purvis, one of the owners of Peak. An athlete holds a press conference to announce his big decision. Rather than it being his college of choice, it’s his choice to chose Peak for his physical therapy.

Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Targeting high school athletes

Commercial - Customer Testimonial

Dustin and Blair talk about the home security system they had installed by EATEL. This division is called Home IQ and is a modern APP driven system that offers high-tech services with intuitive easy to operate functionality.

Home Security

eatel home iq service

Social Media - Recipes

Tressy Leindecker of Chris’s Specialty Food created a series of food prep videos to help families stuck at home and cooking all their own meals. Chris’s specializes in Cajun dishes offering a wide range of meats and side dishes. Food is sold fresh and frozen and she covered the prep for many common products from the four stores.

Chirs's Specialty Foods

Quarantine cuisine series 2020