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A picture, as they say, tells a thousand words. Authentic, hi-res photos, on the other hand, can tell much more. Top-quality photography is crucial in attracting and engaging your audience. Recently taken pictures of your team or office, for instance, can help your business build trust with your potential and existing customers. When your business needs a photographer who can help capture the images you need, Media Furrate is ready to work with you. As a professional photographer in Baton Rouge, we help you produce beautiful imagery that effectively draws in your audience and conveys your brand message.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

Although you can always whip out your mobile phone to take pictures, you might not produce the results that you want for your business. Instead, hire a professional to do this job for you. Here’s why:

  • Premium Quality Photos – Personalized and professional-looking photos display the credibility of your brand. It encourages your audience to trust and support your brand.

  • Less Inconvenience on Your Part – Communicating your brand message via still images is a challenging task. Apart from the creative process involved in telling a story, you need to address the logistics involved in a photo shoot, including lighting, posing, and retouching. By hiring a professional photographer, you’ll spend less time thinking about executing a perfect shoot and devote more time to other important tasks.

  • Improved Brand Recognition – A collection of personalized and professionally taken images generates free publicity for your company.

Our Professional Photography Services

We produce the following commercial photography projects:

Headshot Photography

Everyone needs a headshot, but most people hate taking them. Media Furrate has portable flash gear and a multitude of backgrounds. You can take photos on white, gray, black, or blue. The lighting can be bright and even or dramatic with some mood. Tell us what you are looking for and we can accommodate your needs. For best results, we suggest wearing bold solid colors.

Our professional headshot photographer produces powerful corporate headshots that position your employees as leaders or experts in their field. We use a multitude of backgrounds to satisfy your branding requirements.

At Your Place or Ours

Fast and Affordable

Company/Product Photoshoot

We get your employees to show their pride in front of the camera. The professional photos we produce look great on various company materials, such as newsletters and brochures.

We also produce high-quality product photos that convey the value of your goods and compel customers to connect with your brand.

We Shoot Product Shots

Our Cameras shoot video and photos

Portrait Photography

Jason believes in three factors  for getting good portrait shots. First is the time of day when the light is low in the sky or overcast. Next is the location – if it is photogenic, then we are almost there. Finally, is patience. People need time around the camera and the photographer to let their guard down and just be themselves. 

We offer corporate portrait photography to showcase you and your team effectively. You could make each portrait look unified to reflect your company branding. Alternatively, you may make all the portraits unique to highlight diversity.

Not Afraid of Dogs and Kids

senior and Family Shoots Available

Event Photography

We cover a wide range of corporate events, including product launches, team outings, company parties, and awards ceremonies. The Mirror-less DSLR revolution got us into event photography. While covering events with video, Jason discovered he could capture pictures at the same time.

Jason Does Not Shoot Weddings

unless you are a broke relative

Also Available: Aerial Photography

We use a 4K camera-equipped aircraft to perform aerial photography and capture magnificent aerial shots of your brand.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Photography Needs

We offer cost-effective photography services for business owners who have a limited budget and little time to promote their brand using still images. We’ll work with you to produce photos that highlight the best qualities of your business and attract your audience.

With our help, your brand can use photos to communicate your message and tell your story clearly. Discuss your photography requirements with us today by calling 225-317-4233 or emailing

The Palace of Versailles Photography by Media Furrate

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